Announcement regarding changes to the publication schedule.

We, the members of the Fukushima Project, have decided it to be best to push the publication for the book back from November to December.

One of the reasons for this is the need to verify the validity of new information, testimonies that we have recently acquired and would like to include in the book. After careful consideration, we have all come to the conclusion that this information would be a valuable addition in support of the other information we have already collected.

One other reason is simply due to lack of funding from donations. In spite of all those who have generously donated in support of our cause, as of date, we have only been able to secure a little less than 2 million yen. We as volunteers, have decided to take it upon ourselves to deal with the expenses incurred (transportation, investigation, verification, etc.) and in doing so we have tried to minimize costs to the best of our ability. However, despite our efforts in doing so, there are simply some expenses, such as publication and editing fees, etc., that are critical for the release of the book (hard copy) that we simply have just come up short on. We are trying our best even now, at this very moment, to continue to secure additional funding through donations and other sources to proceed forward with the publication. We would like to apologize to all of those supporters who had been patiently waiting for the release of our work this month (November). We offer our sincerest apologies and pray for your continued support.

We plan to continue to release updated information as it continues to become available. We also plan to announce the publication date after it becomes finalized as well. We hope you will continue to visit our site on a regular basis to stayed tuned in to the progress as it develop (

Fukushima Project Committee Chairman
Eiichi Yamaguchi