Prospectus Summary

FUKUSHIMA Project Committee


We, as third-party unbiased individuals, will investigate and analyze the accident which occurred in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. We will write down our findings as well as announce and post them on the web, then we will organize the lessons learned and present them to the world for the benefit of future generations. This is the goal of our "Book Project”. In order to accomplish our goals, we will seek out funding through monetary contributions to finance the activities and costs of our project. Why exactly are these contributions necessary? I will explain exactly why in the following paragraph.

There are currently very large obstacles in the way of investigating and analyzing this accident. One obstacle being that there are monumentally large "financial interests” tangled within, which is the reason why the facts currently available are so obscure. Only those with the most financial interest can know the true facts of what is really going on behind the scenes. Right now we can assume that there are currently no credible facts available. These facts, which certainly have aroused a great deal of suspicion, are quite the phenomenon. This phenomenon has been taken in by the media and broadcasted repeatedly all around the world. For that matter, how much of what the media is broadcasting do they actually know to be true facts? This suspicion that they in fact don't know is also ever present.

Under these circumstances, the accident investigation report is likely to have been prepared by the government and TEPCO. In addition, lots of well-informed people are also likely to recognize this and then publish their own works concerning the matter. The first part will discuss the fact that we cannot deny the possibility that the report reflects the intentions of the former mentioned "people with the money who are pulling the strings (TEPCO and the related Government officials)”. The latter part will consist of how the previously mentioned argument is influenced by market principles (such as whether or not this book can successfully sell or not). In order to escape from this spell of deceit, we need an unbiased third-party, with no financial interests in mind, to get their hands on the facts. In order to get these results to the public, we will try to make this book as inexpensive as possible. We realized that we need to first ask for monetary contributions to fund research and administrative activities in order to accomplish this goal. Actually, mass media from profit making activities is decaying globally. Primarily, the younger generation who do not subscribe to newspapers, read books or even watch the news on TV is rapidly increasing. Of course, the prosperity of the internet remains sound and intact. Certainly, this should be the primary focus of the media in a democratic society which watches and criticizes governmental authority. If conventional media were to fail in this aspect, then NPO journalism would have to come to assume responsibility (funded through donations). Actually, this kind of trend has already been happening to some extent in America. These kind of activities like, after making an appeal for donations, trying to publish an investigation report through making a book, because we should avoid incurring financial interests. March 11, 2011 is the day which marks the beginning of a new chapter in Japanese history. In particular, this accident (in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station) has shaken the very foundation of Japan's society. The Prime Minister has expressed that he "is aiming for a society which is not dependent on Power Plants for energy”. Influence from this accident has far reached itself to every corner around Japan consuming all within its reach. All of the industries are suffering as a result. The way management in Technology, Business (and other types of management), etc. are thinking, the current industry structure, the country's Safety and Security measures, and even the lifestyle of Japanese people will probably end up changing as a result. In our eyes, this Fukushima catastrophe has posed us with this enormous question. I believe that the lessons we learn from investigation and analysis of this accident will undoubtedly be the most valuable thing the future generations could possibly ever know. Therefore, I would like to humbly ask for any contributions in support of this project's activities.

Project Outline

  • With the contributions we receive, we will use them to divulge the primary reasons for the accident which occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, do a presentation on issues relevant to the accident, create a report with our suggestions for improvement for the future and then publish our findings in a book. We will call this book the "FUKUSHIMA Project”. The organized Committee will oversee and carry out all activities involved in moving forward with this project.
    In the case that someone who donates money does not want personal information such as their name displayed in the back of the book it will be removed as desired.
    We, the Fukushima Committee, are going to conduct this research free of charge and in doing so renounce all royalties made from sales of this book.
    If we receive more than the desired amount, then the remainder will be donated to the victims affected through an appropriate organization (such as Red Cross).
Leaflets for the "Fukushima Project" can be downloaded by clicking the link at the top of the page. You can get a much broader understanding of the activities we are involved in by viewing the leaflets. Thank you for your interest and support.




  • 2014.8.1NEW
    The Actual Reason Why The Accident Could Not Have Been Avoided` first chapter of Fukushima Project is published as an e-book by Reseapro e-Publishing. Contributed by Dr. Eichi Yamaguchi, chairman Fukushima project. Available both in Japanese and English.
    Please click here.
  • 2012.3.8
    Questioning the reality of Fukushima, Part 3:
    “Daddy’s Not Home” Opens Floodgates for Financial Damage Caused by Harmful Rumors, Misinformation
    Interview with Technology and Industry Consultant, Morinosuke Kawaguchi
    Please click here.
  • 2012.3.8NEW
    2012/ March 8th 15:00-16:00
    Professor Yamaguchi & Morinosuke Kawaguchi's
    press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
    ( FCCJ)
    Please click here
  • 2012.3.8NEW
    Professor Yamaguchi & Morinosuke Kawaguchi on BS 11 TV:
    2012.March 9th 22:00:22:55
    BS 11
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  • 2011.12.15

    Reservations for the "Fukushima Report: The Essentials of the Power Plant Accident" Hard Copy  can now be made by clicking on the following link, please click here.

    We are also currently finalizing the last tidbits in allowing for reservations to be made through as well. Stay tuned!  The 504 page book will officially release at the end of January and will be made available for 900 yen (excluding tax).

  • 2011.11.30

    The Symposium has been finalized.

    In a joint-sponsorship with the Science Media Centre at Waseda University Graduate School of Political Science, we plan to hold a symposium. For more detailed information, please click here.

  • 2011.11.30

    The article has been released in Nikkei Business Online.

    A work by Morinosuke Kawaguchi (a committee member) has been released in the Nikkei Business Online Journal, "Nikkei Business Online".

  • 2011.11.15

    The English version of the article has been released in ECO Japan.

    The English version of the article with our Chairman, Professor Yamaguchi, has also been released in Nikkei's online journal, "ECO JAPAN".

  • 2011.11.4

    Announcement regarding changes to the publication schedule.

    The publication schedule for the hard copy book version of the Fukushima Project has been moved from November to December. For more detailed information, please click here.

  • 2011.10.25

    Revisions to the book structure have been made.

    For more detailed information, please click here.

  • 2011.10.19

    The article has been released in ECO JAPAN.

    An article discussing about the "Fukushima Project" has been released in the Nikkei's online journal, "ECO JAPAN".

    There were three interviews, each with a different member of the project.

    The first interview being with the Chairman of the group, Professor Yamaguchi, the second with one of the committee members, Dr. Iio, and the third having been with another committee member, Mr. Kawaguchi.

  • 2011.10.12~13

    The article has been released in JBPress.

    An article regarding Nishimura's (a committee member) conversation with journalist, Ugaya Hiromichi, was released in the Online "JBPress".

    ・ First Half: "Why Non-Profit Journalism?"

    ・ Latter Half: "Atomic Energy and Government Interests"

  • 2011.10.4

    Introduced by 『ソトコト(sotokoto)』

    The "Fukushima Project" was officially introduced in an article of the November 2011 edition of the "ソトコト Magazine" (released on October 5, 2011). It was put at the top of the "Japan Ecology Hotline". For a quick sample look at the article please click here.

  • 2011.9.17

    Radio Manuscript

    On September 16 (Friday) Dr. Yamaguchi (Board Member) aired on a FM POKO broadcast and talked about the role behind the "Fukushima Project". The details of what he talked about have already been published as well.

  • 2011.9.14

    A committee member Eiichi YAMAGUCHI will appear on a live broadcasting of FM radio.

    He talk about the FUKUSHIMA Project as follows.
    Date/time : 17:35 on September 16.
    Program: FM Poco (Fukushima, Japan FM76.2MHz)

  • 2011.8.23

    Two of our committee members, Eiichi YAMAGUCHI and Koujirou HONDA gave a speech

    Two of our committee members, Eiichi YAMAGUCHI and Koujirou HONDA gave a speech at the symposium on "Cause of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident" held in The University of Cambridge, U.K on 23rd of August (17:30 – 19:30 JST). The symposium was broadcasted on the spot to ASTEM (Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO) 8F, Kyoto (

  • 2011.8.9

    Dr. Yamaguchi (Committee Member) has uploaded a news article

    A work by Yamaguchi Eiichi (Untold Truths about the Fukushima Power Plant Accident) has been published in the Nikkei Business Online Journal