「FUKUSHIMAプロジェクト」委員会 委員略歴(生年順)

  • representative and Originator Hiroyuki Mizuno
  • Committe chairman Yamaguchi Eiichi
  • Editorial Chairman Yoshio Nishimura
  • Committee Member Hiroyuki Kawai
  • Committee Member Shunji Iio
  • Committee Member Tomohiro Nakamori
  • Committee Member Morinosuke Kawaguchi
  • Committee Member Koujirou Honda

Chief Founder Hiroki Mizuno Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) Osaka Electro-Communication Vice President Hiroshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Science and Technology Director

Born in 1929. In 1952, after graduating from Kyoto University's Faculty of Science he acquired employment at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.. In 1985, he became a director at Panasonic. In 1990, he received the sole responsibility for activities related to technology when he became a Vice-President (at Panasonic). He served as a representative of the US-Japan Semiconductor Council (having understood the changes that occurred during the IT Revolution). After retiring from Panasonic in 1993, he went to serve as an advising professor at Stanford University, Georgetown University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University etc., and has been engaged in research activities in both the US and Japan as well as Served as Vice President at Kochi University of Technology. He is currently a Vice President of Osaka Electro-Communication, serves on the Board of Directors at Hiroshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Professor Emeritus at Kochi University of Technology, an Adviser to the Shiga Prefecture local government, Chairman at the Japan Productivity Center for Technology Management, serves on the Board of Directors at Konami, Chairman of the Technical Advisor Japan E-Si, Senior Adviser at Olympus Capital Holdings, serves on the Board of Directors at 45 Corporation and serves as an Adviser to Intellectual Ventures Japan, etc.

Committee Chairman Yamaguchi Eiichi Doctor of Science Professor,Department of Technology and Innovative Management,Doshisha University Deputy Director of ITEC(Institute for Technology,Enterprise and Competitiveness)

Born in 1955. He graduated from Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1977. He received D.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Tokyo in 1984. He joined NTT in 1979 and worked for the Musashino Electrical Communication Laboratories. From 1984 to 1985, He worked as a Visiting Scholar at University of Notre Dame in U.S.A. From 1986 to 1998, he was a Senior Research Scientist, Supervisor, of NTT Basic Research Laboratories. Between 1993 and 1998, he was invited to be a Chief Scientist of IMRA Europe in France. From 1999 to 2003, he was an Executive Fellow of the 21st Century Public Institute at the Federation of Economic Organizations. In 2003, he was appointed to be a Professor of Doshisha University. From 2006 onward he has been serving as an Adjunct Fellow of CRDS (Center for Research and Development Strategy) at Japan Science and Technology Agency. From 2008 to 2009, he served as a Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall at the University of Cambridge in U.K. He founded venture startup companies such as ArcZone (1998), Powdec (2001) and ALGAN (2005), and serves on the board of directors for them.

Main Works Include

"Root for the JR Fukuchiyama Train Incident -- Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility from Science" (NTT Publication, 2007), "Recovering from Success: Innovation And Technology Management in Japan" (Oxford University Press, 2006) Co-Author, "Innovation and Disruption and Resonance"(NTT Publication, 2006), "The Science Industry" (NTT Publication, 2003) Co-Author, "The Test Tube in the middle of the Sun" (Kodansha, 1993) "Synthesis and Properties of Boron Nitride" (Trans Tech Publication, 1990) etc.

Editorial Chairman Yoshio Nishimura Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D.) Visiting Professor,Waseda University Advisor to the President, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Born in 1942. He received the B.E., M.E. and Ph.D. degrees in electronics, all from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in 1965, 1967, and 1971, respectively. From 1967 to 1968, he studied at the Solid-State Electronics Research Center of the University of Montpellier, France. During his doctoral studies, he was engaged in research on microwave semiconductor devices and semiconductor lasers. In 1971, he joined Nikkei-McGraw-Hill, Inc. (presently Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.), where he experienced editor-in-chief of the Nikkei Electronics magazine, publisher of various publications and R&D bureau director. From 2002 to 2003, he was with The University of Tokyo as a professor of The Graduate School of Engineering. From 2004 to 2009, he was an auditor of Tokyo Institute of Technology. Also from 2004 to present, he is a visiting professor of Waseda university, where he has been engaged in the education of journalists in the Graduate School of Political Science. During these years, he has also been with Nikkei Business Publications Inc. as an editorial advisor. From 2009 to present, he serves to Tokyo Institute of Technology as a special advisor to the president.

He is the author of books such as

"Technology and Culture of Silico-Lithic Age" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, 1985), "Future of Semiconductor Industry" (Maruzen, 1995), "Industry-University Collaboration" (Nikkei Business Publications, 2003), "Information Industry" (University of Air Publications, 2004), and "Education of Journalists in Science and Technology" (TDU Publications, 2010).

Committee Member Hiroyuki Kawai Lawyer Co-Partner at Sakura Kyodo Law Offices

Born in 1944. In 1968, received undergraduate degree in Law from Tokyo University. In 1970, became a registered Lawyer. In 1972, established Sakura Kyodo Law Offices. In 1977, studied abroad (short-term at the Dallas International and Comparative Law Center. In 1986 and 1987, served as Chairman at the Second Tokyo Bar Association. Specialized in Collective Debt management, Debt Collection, Company Law Relations, International Transaction Relations, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, industrial property, patent, trademark, as well as dealt with the Douglas Grumman case, relations dealing with the acquisition of abandoned Chinese Orphans, Head of the Lawyer's Association area responsible for the suspension lawsuits against the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station (He happens to be a Guru in this field), Chairman of a group which supports the National Acquisition of abandoned Chinese orphans, on the board of directors of a supporting foundation of the FASF Corporate abandoned Chinese orphans, a representative for the board of directors for a natural energy dot com company, Auditor of Save the Children Japan (Public Association) as well as serves as the Vice President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations' Commission for Environmental Pollution Control etc..

Committee Member Shunji Iio Ph.D. Associate Professor at of Nuclear Reactor Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Born in 1955. In 1978, graduated from the Department of Physics at Tokyo University. In 1983, completed his Doctoral degree in Physics at Tokyo University and following his graduation he received employment at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and joined a group which conducted experiments using the JT-60 (A Large sized Tokamak Device). He also did research on and performed other duties related to the maintenance on the instrument measuring devices, particle confinement, energy confinement, H-mode, and studies related to properties of Divertors. During this time, he was sent abroad twice (once for an 8 month period between 1985-1986 working with JET Undertaking in England and again for a 2 month period in 1990 working at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in America). In 1992, he became the Vice Senior Researcher at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, was Group leader for "research on Particle Impurities Control and Plasma Boundaries" and therefore, in charge of, and lead, experiments which used the JT-60. In 1995, became an Assistant Professor of the Nuclear Reactor Engineering Graduate Faculty at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. From 2007, his current position (title changed in 2008), Supervisor of the Plasma and Fusion Research Association.

Committee Member Tomohiro Nakamori Nikkei BP Consulting Chief Strategist/Producer

Born in 1959. After graduating from Waseda University with a Degree in Applied Chemistry, became employed at OKI's Research Laboratories performing research related to thin-film devices, crystal growth method etc.. In 1989, since joining Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. he served as a reporter for the Nikkei Electronics Magazine since he was involved with R&D, consumer electronics, displays, peripherals, and other fields related to electronic devices. In addition, over the years he also served as an Magazine Associate Editor (Nikkei Electronics Magazine), Editor-in Chief of Nikkei Mechanical (Now known as Nikkei Monozukuri), Editor-in Chief of Nikkei Automotive Technology, Editor-in Chief of Nikkei BizTech, Editor-in Chief of NVC Online and served on the Editorial Board of the Bureau of Electronics and Mechanics. Since 2010, (current position) he has been working at the Tokyo Institute of Technology as a Part-time Lecturer and Program Officer, Supervisor of the Nanotechnology Forum at Waseda University, Technical Evaluation Committee Chairman for the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), among other endeavors.

Committee Member Morinosuke Kawaguchi principal,Associate Director at Arthur D.Little (Japan),Inc.

Born in 1961. Graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Engineering with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Chemistry. Received an MS in Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before joining Arthur D. Little, he worked at the Kansai Research Institute, a technology consulting firm focusing on evaluating the marketability of each type of manufacturing technology, building technology strategy, setting IP strategy. Prior to becoming a consultant, he worked as an engineer for 15 years at Hitachi Co. Ltd, where he gained experience in product development, as well as materials and production technology R&D for their OA equipment, household appliances, and heavy industry equipment businesses. Kawaguchi is Principal, Associate Director for Arthur D. Little (Japan), Inc, the global strategy consulting firm. His main areas of expertise include an array of strategic issues focusing on the electronics, precision instruments, machine and chemical manufacturing industries. He is an expert in Management of Technology (MOT), Intellectual Property Management (IPM), and Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) in various industries such as telecommunications, electronics and the car industry. His book “Otaku de onnanoko na kuni no monozukuri” received the Nikkei BP BizTech Book Award in 2008. This book has been translated into Korean, Chinese, Thai and English.

Committee Member Koujirou Honda Doshisha University ITEC research Assistant

In 1995, he graduated from the Tokyo University of Agriculture with a degree in Bio-active Substances from the Engineering Department. In 1997, graduated from the Applied Sciences Biological Systems Master's Program at Doshisha University before entering the Ph. D program. In the same year he was accepted to the Philosophy of Science Undergraduate Program at Hokkaido University. In 2000, he graduated and then went back for his Masters in Thought Cultural Studies. In 2003, he graduated and then progressed to the Doctoral Program in the same field. In 2008, after completing a few courses in the Ph. D program he decided to take some time off. From 2005-2008, he worked as a Full-time Lecturer in the Basic Education Department at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology. From 2008-2011, he worked as a Full-time Lecturer in the Business Department at Doshisha University. Currently, he is working on various research activities as a Research Assistant in the ITEC Department at Doshisha University.

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